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Dirk Friedenberger

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My name is Dirk Friedenberger and I am a graduated computer specialist. 2013 I have successfully completed my studies at the University of Hagen with the final degree 1.3. From 2000-2014 I was as developer of software, project co-leader and training officer, employed by the PSI AG in Aschaffenburg. In the years 2014-2018 I was team leader in software development at Schwab GmbH in Hanau. Since 2018 I am employed by the DB Systel GmbH in Frankfurt.


I have very good experience in object-oriented programming with C / C ++ and Java. Common web technologies such as HTML / XML / CSS, SOAP / REST, Servlets / JSP, JavaBeans, the Apache web server and Jetty as well as the Tomcat application server or Glashfish belong to my experience. With development tools such as Eclipse, SVN, Git, Maven, Junit, Jira, Hudson and Sonar I can deal with any problems. IP-based network protocols such as UDP / TCP or TLS / SSL are very familiar to me. Also the analysis of these logs belong to my area of responsibility. In addition, I possess qualifications in the subjects of semantic networks, ontologies, graph theory and knowledge-based systems.


Please convince yourself from my experiences and qualifications through my hobby project https://rotanstreichen.de, a web calendar I have been programming and supervising since 2011.



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